Black & Fuscia

The root of all Latin culture is “La Familia.”  Black & Fuscia honors and celebrates this concept.

Themes of support and unity run throughout this trio choreographed by John Castanga which debuted in 2013.

The work features three characters: the mature motherly woman, the strong male aspect of the family and the youthful female.  Inspired by the complex Argentinean rhythms of Alberto Ginastera’s “Toccata” from his Concerto for Orchestra and Piano, the movement style is a fusion of contemporary ballet with Latin inflections and rhythm.  The dancers support and help each other through the ups and downs of life.

The visual design is inspired by the 1950’s Spanish interpreted in black and fuscia.  Nearing the conclusion of the piece, the mature mother collapses in exhaustion but the younger family members support her until she is once again flourishing.

Choreography: John M. Castagna

Music: Alberto Ginastera, Toccata from Concerto for Orchestra and Piano

Costume Design: Anda Bernovska

Dancers in Premiere:  Vicky Lambert, Stephanie Kim, Jack Virga