This piece is dedicated to Yoshiko Matsumoto Brelsford who was John M. Castagna’s friend and mentor for gourmet food, fine wine and opera. The two music selections were Yoshiko’s favorite arias.

A strong sense of connection between Ida, Victor and John made for a fulfilling collaboration and exploration. The work was filmed at Mimoda Studio in LA with the support of Yasha Michelson.

Choreography: John M. Castagna

Dancer: Ida Nowakowska

Piano arrangement and Pianist: Harout Senekermian

Music: Puccini’s Madame Butterfly and Verdi’s Il Trovatore

Costume Design: Anda Bernovska

Cinematography: Victor Panovv

Choreography mentor: Stefan Wenta

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Special Thanks: Yasha Michelson & Mimoda Studio