Rite of Spring Suite

The original Rite of Spring was inspired by a dream that composer Igor Stravinsky had about a maiden who sacrificed herself by dancing to her death. Her sacrifice, an ancient primitive ritual, was to insure that Spring would arrive yet again the next year.  In Rite of Spring Suite, choreographer John M. Castagna delves into the essence of the dance and focuses on four main characters.  Young love, community pressure and the final sacrifice are explored in the piece.


Dancers at Premiere:  Chosen Maiden/Stephanie Kim; Igor, the Musicia/Evan Swenson; Witch/Giada Paulovska; Elder/Michah Moch


Choreography: John Castagna

Composer: Igor Stravinsky, Rite of Spring (Excerpts)

Costumes: Anda Bernovska