The Human Factor

John Castagna’s The Human Factor is a collaboration between the choreographer, composer Peter Goncz and costume designer Anda Bernovska.

The solo is set on Italian dancer Ottavio Taddei. The concept is the conflict between nature and our increasing dependence on the new technology. Ottavio represents “Everyman”.

Peter’s score is composed of contemporary noises such as cell phone rings, car horns, bells creating a synthetization of sounds, contrasting with a rhythmic primitive pulse.

Castagna was inspired by Ottavio’s athletic abilities emphasizing his strength and floor work. Returning to his roots as a modern choreographer, Castagna is exploring the dancer’s use of floor work and acting ability.

The Human Factor is a cautionary tale about how an individual’s life can be taken over by a dependence on the ever increasing technology of today.

Ottavio Taddei was born in Bologna, Italy. He has performed for several years in musicals, operas, TV and dance productions in Italy, Qatar and Oman. He also studied at the Stella Adler Studio in New York. In New York City, he performed with the Metropolitan Opera and appeared in several short films and commercials. Moving to Los Angeles he has been exploring both his dance and acting skills. He is presenting performing with Los Angeles Opera and several local dance companies including Mimoda Jazzo.

Choreography: John M. Castagna

Music: Peter Goncz

Costume Design: Anda Bernovska

Dancer in Premiere:  Ottavio Taddei